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This is a modest (i.e. small) site devoted to Baldur's Gate, the great game developed by Bioware and distributed by Interplay.

All the downloads on this page were mostly developed on Sunday afternoons with my ancient Turbo C++ compiler. I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out what the data in those game files really means (I know its a waste of a life, but its fun nevertheless).

If you happen to come up with something imaginative that uses any of the code found on this site, please let me know (or send me a copy!). I hope to be adding more downloads in the near future, especially after BG2 has been released.

The animated GIF at the top of this page was extracted from the game using the command 'bam2bmp usar1a1' (without the quotes). Then I resized the frames using Paintbrush to save some space and converted them to an animated GIF using the GIF Construction Set. The frames to use for the first animation were reported by bam2bmp when it finished.

Downloads - Executable & C/C++ Source

An alignment quiz program for Baldur's Gate that can be run in offline mode. There are a few of these floating around The Net and credit is given to any original sources within the archive. - Executables - C/C++ Source

(These are temporarily unavailable due to too many damn bugs! Maybe I'll have another crack at getting them right next time I get motivated...) - Executable (Requires DirectX 3+)

Here is a small preview of my DirectX experiments. It displays the above Sarevok animation directly from the game data files. It is hard coded to use 640x480 x 16bpp direct colour video mode. You can left click to make him move around! No source code yet, sorry, I'm still making it look pretty for you folks. - Executable - C/C++ Source

A small MS-DOS based hex editor for all you cheaters out there. It handles BIG files with ease and so far I haven't found a file that is too hard to handle with this little program.


My favourite BG site, I check here every couple of days for game news and events.

A good site with lots of utilities and even an expansion to the game itself!

Lan's BG2 Page
Plenty of information about Bioware's upcoming sequel to Baldur's Gate, BG2, as well as stat's, FAQ's and downloads.

[2000.06.25] - Removed resource extraction utilities (temporarily), there were too many bugs!
[2000.06.21] - Animate5 added, you can now move the sprite around screen!
[2000.06.16] - Hex editor added.
[2000.06.15] - Bamdos utilities updated w/ better source code. Animate demo updated (a few small improvements).
[2000.06.11] - Animate2 added, my first DirectX program!
[2000.06.10] - Bamdos utilities updated.
[2000.06.08] - Sarevok image added.
[2000.06.05] - Site created.

Baldur's Gate is © BioWare and distributed by Interplay.
Last updated Sunday, 25 June, 2000

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